What is Cold-Pressed Juice?
In the cold-press juicing process, no heat is used to extract the juice, meaning there is no loss in nutrients, enzymes, or vitamins in the raw juice.

How long is the shelf-life of the cold-pressed juices?
1-3 days after opening.

Why is my juice separating?
Separation is a natural process for raw cold-pressed juice. As long as the juice is kept refrigerated and it's before the expiration date (1-3 days after opening), the juice is good to drink.  Just give it a shake and enjoy! 

Can I freeze my Cold-Pressed Juices?
We recommend freezing your juice until you are ready to enjoy. Frozen juice, once thawed, tastes as if it was just made and all of the nutrients and enzymes are intact. Once juice is thawed, shelf-life is 1-3 days. Shake well and enjoy!

Do you add water to your juices?
BIG No! We don't add water to any of our juices. Our juices are 100% purely made from fresh fruits and vegetables. Order our juices to taste the difference!

What happens if I can’t pick-up my order?
You will not receive a refund. All sales are final. 

Do you offer shipping?
We currently do not offer shipping.  Pick-up only. 

Order Confirmation
After ordering, you will receive an automatically generated email confirmation, which is your receipt.

When can I place an order?
Orders can be placed through our website anytime. 

When will I receive my order?
You will be able to pick-up your order on Saturdays between 12pm-3pm CST at  Kitchen Chicago (324 N Leavitt, Chicago, IL 60612).

When you arrive to pick up your order on Saturday, please call or text 312-854-9391 “arrived”, provide the email used at checkout, and the order number contained in your confirmation email.

Ex: “Arrived - johndoe@gmail.com - Order Number: 1001”